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11 th July 2007

Wolverhampton charity set to complete Cypriot dog rescue

A kind-hearted Wolverhampton couple are heading off to Cyprus later this month to write the next chapter of their ‘canine’ charity story.

Michael and Denice Healey, the driving force behind, are planning to rescue 14 dogs over the course of the next month and will be flying them back into Heathrow on July 31 st.

The husband and wife team are now appealing to local people to come forward and offer permanent homes for the dogs once they arrive in the UK and expect nothing more than a donation towards the project in return.

“Both of us are major dog lovers and during a holiday in Cyprus came across a friend who ran a care centre for unwanted animals,” explained Michael.

“Whilst the people of the island are extremely friendly, they do not share the same interest or compassion for dogs and this means that a large number of them are strays, mistreated or ill.”

He continued: “Once we heard all of the facts, we knew we had to do something to help. Initially, it started off with providing funding towards the operating costs of the facility and then we looked at ways where we could bring some of the animals back home.”

From this start, ‘Help us Help them’ has grown in influence and activity and has so far successfully rescued and found homes for over 15 dogs.

The latest drive is the result of a ten month planning operation that involves setting up expert care, creation of adoption forms and the quarantine of over 30 animals, with 50% of them that will they never make it through the entire process.

Denice picked up the story: “This is how bad the situation is and there are so many more dogs that we could help.

“If everything goes to plan, we will be bringing 14 Cypriot poodles back with us and this represents a major step forward. The next project could be double this’s basically a case of capturing the public’s imagination.”

Over half of the dogs expected to arrive in the UK have already been adopted by local families, including Kyra, Mannie, Trina, Sally, Sasha, Suki, Rocky and Ramone.

This leaves another six looking for homes and it is hoped that new owners can be finalised before they fly out to Paphos on the 14 th July.

“Help us Help them is a not for profit charity and we are in a fortunate position with our jobs that we can dedicate time and significant funding to the projects,” added Michael.

“We also hold regular events, such as Stars in their Eyes and Golf days, to add to our activities and this has been widely supported by the Wolverhampton business community, raising thousands of pounds in the process.

“With the cost of care, quarantine, flights and housing the animals when they come home reaching £12,000, we are naturally interested to hear from any sponsors or people wanting to play a more active role.”

Michael and Denice are both well known personalities in the local business scene as Managing Director of IT specialists Allcomm Communications Ltd and owner of the York Hotel on the Tettenhall Road respectively.

The couple’s determination and commitment is due to be recognised later this year, with a guest appearance on the Paul O’Grady Show.

For any more details please call Mike on 07970 611610 or email at

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