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Q: Does the dog understand English?

A: The most frequently ask question. We are rescuing the dogs from Cyprus because of mistreatment from a society that don’t really care much for dogs unless they are working or hunting dogs.

Therefore the sanctuary is mainly manned by English speaking Europeans who care more about dogs in general. The dogs are spoken to in English 90% of the time so Greek lessons are not required.


Q: Do I have to keep the name?

A: The dogs are kept in a pound initially of around 200 dogs then moved to smaller quarantine pens of around 30 dogs. Therefore the name chosen by the sanctuary employees may not be recognised by the dog directly.

So renaming the dog won’t be a problem. We would obviously advise whether the dog has come to the sanctuary with a known name which would be best for you to keep.


Q: What do the dogs eat?

A: The dogs have been fed well for the 8 months minimum that they have stayed at the sanctuary. They have generally had dry food as meatier food generally dries in the Cypriot heat and is too expensive.
If you wish to change the diet we suggest a dry and meat mixture be gradually introduced so as not to shock the digestive system. This could be detrimental to the dog and very messy for you.

Don’t be surprised if the dog hides food, they are not used to endless supplies of food and may through habit hide food for later. It is important to prevent this by removing un-eaten food immediately. They will soon learn that when food is issued it is to be eaten and not hoarded.


Q: Will the dogs mix with my existing dogs?

A: All our dogs are in pounds of other dogs so they are used to other dogs company and pecking order. The main problem will be your existing dog allowing a stranger into their territory. This is especially difficult if the new dog is bigger and tries to become the no.1 dog in the home.

Therefore we recommend adopting a smaller dog than your existing dog and if possible introduce them on neutral territory. What we have done in extreme cases in the past is book the new dog and your dog into a kennels for 2 to 3 days where they can be introduced to each other off territory before returning them home as friends. This is only necessary in extreme cases but works well.


Q: What is the general health of the dogs?

A: The dogs have been in the sanctuary at least 8 months and are fully vetted before and during their stay. To import them into the UK they have multiple rabies and other blood tests to comply with EU regulations.

They are all Spayed or Neuted and have been monitored during their stay. If we notice any ailments or problems they are address in Cyprus prior to Import. Due to these checks they are then awarded a Cypriot EU passport enabling them to Fly on commercial aircraft and be moved around Europe with ease.

We suspect that due to us complying with EU regulations our resuce dogs are healthier than most dogs currently in the UK.


Q: are the dogs chipped?

A: Yes the dogs are chipped and the numbers are given to you upon adoption so you can register them with your address details.


Q: What do I need to prepare at home?

A: The basic requirements are: -

Bed (sized accordingly).

Collar and Lead

Separate water and food bowls (especially if existing dogs in house)

Dry food with meat mix if desired

Basic treats (Must be dog treats not rich human treats especially human chocolate as this is poisonous to dogs.) and don’t forget what goes in comes out and the richer it is the messier it is.

Engraved Tag with your house number, postcode, telephone number and the word “Tagged” (this helps vets and the police locate the tag as sometimes they are hard to read and get missed. If you say “Tagged” on the tag then they will keep looking until they find it.

We do not recommend using the dogs name on the tag as when found the dog may respond to a stranger using their correct name and this may prove hard to disprove if the finder of the dog then lays claim to the dog.


Q: What donation do you expect?

A: The dogs cost us around £900.00 each from choosing them to landing them at Heathrow. Most of this money is raised by us at charity events we hold whilst the dogs are in quarantine. We always fall short and would like donations of around £100.00 to £150.00 per dog.

Ultimately we will gift a dog to the right home as is the dogs we care about most. But any donation is extremely welcomed so that we can carry on the good work and keep more dogs coming to UK homes.


Q: What if we have made a mistake and don’t wish to keep the dog?

A: We retain the passport and ownership of the dog for around a month. Upon you confirming that all is well and your new dog has settled as a family member we will transfer ownership and give you the passport etc.

If you feel that at any time your kind heartedness was with the best intentions but the practicality of dog ownership hasn’t worked then we would re-home the dog. At no time is ownership to be transferred without our knowledge of consent.


Q: Are the Dogs House trained?

A: The dogs have spent at least 8 months at the Sanctuary and have not lived in a home or house dwelling for at least this period.

As we have chosen the smaller dogs as they are easier to import etc then these dogs are probably ex house dogs unlike the larger working, farm or hunting dogs at the sanctuary which have spent their entire lives outside.

This means several things. Firstly as they are used to using outdoors for the last 8 months, we have found that they are generally reluctant to mess indoors. Secondly they tend to remember their house training they may have had before the sanctuary. Either way we have had very good feedback from previous adoptions reference house training.

But and the big but is that you are to expect mistakes and a bit of patience must be exercised.


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