All dogs have been brought up from puppy hood in the house, but some had to be in the shelter at times.

They are all sociable with other animals (dogs and cats) and people.

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Dogs from 2006


George is very playful and fiesty. would be great at tireing out kids but probably too much for an elder person who cant give him the playtime or walks he needs. Rescued by us only hours before he was due to be destroyed due to his poor state. It has taken the efforts of his carers 6 months to get him fit and well. Thanks to all involved.


Quiet and shy. Ideal for an older owner who wants planty of love and attention. a very affectionate dog just abandoned in the wilderness and waited days at the same spot to be collected by her owner who never came back, Why?


King of the kennels. Ideally needs to be a dog on his own or where his dominance would not be accepted by another dog. Hes not nasty of agressive just needs to be boss.


As the name indicates Trio has only 3 legs but dont let this deter you or award him special treatment. He is as stong and fast as many 4 legged dogs and needs room to run and excersie. even with only 3 legs he would prefer to still be a worked dog. he also needs the love he has failed to get over the past year. He was a Hunting dog who at the end of the season was cast out into the wild to be snared in a discarded trap. His full story is to upsetting to write about. just love him please.


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